Wide Acceptance

Vote at home is becoming an increasingly common part of the election landscape nationally. Nearly half of states have provisions allowing certain elections to be conducted primarily by mail-delivered ballots and several states allow it for all elections. Read more.

The Center for American Progress lists Vote at Home as a key element of increasing participation in America Read more.

PRRI research shows that Vote at Home addresses five of the top six barriers people face trying to vote in person (see fig. 3) Read more.

The US General Accounting Office (GAO) acknowledges Vote at Home’s positive impact in 2016 report (see. pg. 93) Read more.

Pilot mailed-out ballot municipal election in Anchorage, AK in April 2018 shatters turnout record. Read more.

Nebraska’s successful pilot using 100% mailed-out ballots in four counties in November 2018 spurs call for broader use. Read more.

Las Cruces, NM first-in-the-state municipal mailed-out ballot election in August 2018 sees amazing acceptance. Read more.

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