Salt Lake Tribune: Vote at home in Utah increases participation among Millennial voters

Utah’s efforts have boosted participation among Millennials and other groups less likely to vote in the past, according to new research released before the state’s 2018 primary election.

Wyoming News: Three reasons Wyoming should adopt a vote-at-home system

A vote-at-home system for the entire state would eliminate voters’ concerns over when, where and how they will vote. The convenience of vote at home ensures even those who aren’t physically able to get to a polling place – for health reasons or otherwise – can easily cast a ballot.

NY Times: Vote at home eases the process for voters and saves money

After digging into the research, New York Times columnist David Leonhardt concludes that vote at home “eliminates hurdles, like long lines at polling places and logistical difficulties of voting on a workday. (As a bonus, it usually saves money.)”

WTOP: Maryland city is first in state to adopt vote by mail

The city council of Rockville, Md., voted to move its city elections to a vote-by-mail format, meaning voters will receive their ballots by mail starting with the November 2019 election.

Hawaii Civil Beat: Hawaii plans county vote at home pilot in 2020

Kauai County will transition to a vote-at-home system for the 2020 election. Many hope the convenience and cost-savings will encourage the rest of the state to adopt a comprehensive vote-at-home system.  

Lincoln Journal Star: Nebraska county officials pushing for all-mail elections after successful test

Garden County, Neb., was the first in the state to conduct a countywide all-mail election after receiving approval from Secretary of State John Gale to move forward with a pilot project.