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More Voting Options = More Female Legislators

NV (67% EIPV), plus CO, OR, WA (100% VAH) lead the US in the percentage of female state legislators.

Pennsylvania should adopt “no excuse” absentee voting

Disability Rights Group weighs in on needed election reform.

Pasco County, FL becomes first in state to allow voters to track mailed ballots

Using Ballot Scout, voters can monitor their ballot as they would a FedEx package.

Hawaii becomes the 4th state to embrace all voting by mailed-out ballot

Passage of HB 1248, a “Colorado-like” law, will have the state at 100% VAH in 2020. 

Rutherford, TN could have saved money going to Vote at Home :-)

Sometimes, there are Vote at Home savings even we haven’t considered!

10 ideas that just might save our democracy

Vote at Home figures prominently in this list.