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Amber McReynolds interviewed on Comcast Newsmakers

Following her acceptance of a Public Official of the Year award in Washington D.C., NVAHI Executive Director McReynolds sat down on set with Tetiana Anderson to discuss how making balloting voter-centric strengthens our democracy. 

PEW Research: Vote at Home sees a record 27% of all ballots cast in 2018 midterms

That’s a new US record for ANY election. A full 69% of voters in the West cast their ballots that way vs. just 8% in the Northeast. 

Slate: Why AVR (automatic voter registration) and VAH are made for each other

Automatic voter registration gets more voters (especially younger voters) authorized to vote.  Then, Vote at Home gets them to actually cast their ballot.

What if 25 million MORE ballots were cast?

That’s the difference between the midterm turnout rate of the voting eligible population (VEP) in the three 100% “Vote at Home” states (CO, OR, WA) using that time-tested, secure way to vote, versus the percentage for the rest of the country.

Northern Illinois Univ.: Study analyzes “cost of voting” in each state

Wide variations among the 50 states when it comes to the ease of casting a ballot are impacting civic participation in the United States, a 2018 study shows.

LA Times: Activists are helping fix the American election system

This opinion piece, by Prof. Josh Douglas of the University of Kentucky Law School, pulls together various elections reforms, including Vote at Home, being pushed by individual citizens.