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Rockville, Maryland looking forward to All-Mail Election

Will be first in the state to pilot the process.

New Michigan “no excuse” absentee law drives huge mailed-out ballot move.

Lansing City Council election shifts to >75% mailed-out ballots.

Myth-busting the Top 10 objections to Vote at Home (The Fulcrum)

Once you know the facts, you can share the facts.

What Colorado’s huge voter engagement can teach the nation

OZY article investigates counties with almost 100% turnout to find out what they do.

2020 GOTV efforts can start right now!

Research shows when/how voters can sign up, by state, to get a mailed-out ballot, increasing their likelihood to vote.

The Colorado Voting Experience: A Model That Encourages Full Participation

Joint Common Cause & NVAHI report outlines what makes Colorado the “gold standard.”