“America Goes to the Polls 2018” report puts VAH in top 3

A terrific summary of the policies leading to higher voter engagement, with Vote at Home one of the keys to turnout.

Webinar: Vote at Home past, present and future

NVAHI Chair Phil Keisling and Executive Director Amber McReynolds describe how we got here, and how we move forward.   An ideal primer on the topic.  

Vote at Home Launches Reference Library

The “go to source” for research, best practices and media coverage of mailed-ballot delivery systems. 

Santa Fe’s first all-mail election triples turnout (and passes levy)

Turnout was about 33% of registered voters, versus the normal 10% for a local school bond. 

NPR: Miles Parks interviews Amber McReynolds about ballot harvesting in North Carolina

Amber describes the problems of over regulating, versus simply taking away the conditions fraudsters can exploit. 

Tampa Bay Times: Best way to fix Florida’s elections? Switch to Vote at Home.

The article covers the opportunity Florida has to put its checkered reputation in the past, by moving to VAH.